Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

Ambulances from SCDF are for public use and used in cases of emergency. Non emergency ambulances are from private companies such as First Ambulance. Here at First Ambulance, we have a large fleet of non emergency ambulances which means that we are able to respond quickly to you. Our ambulances come fully equipped with a comprehensive set of medical equipment and we are proud to offer our patients the highest quality of care possible.

Over the years we have gained a great reputation for being reliable and punctual. We pride ourselves on providing a great non emergency ambulance service to our patients and their families. We understand that when you need transportation for yourself or a loved one, you want to know that you can count on us to get you where you need to go. That’s why we work hard to ensure that our service is top-notch, and our customers are always satisfied.

When Should One Book a Non-Emergency Ambulance Service?

A Non-Emergency Ambulance Service is needed by patients who do not require immediate treatment and for whom there is no immediate threat to their lives. This service is generally utilized by patients and healthcare consumers who face extraordinary barriers getting to their medical appointments.  These barriers could be anyone of the following:

  • Not having a valid driver’s license
  • Not having a working vehicle in the household,
  • Not being able to travel or wait for services alone,
  • Having a physical, cognitive, mental, or developmental limitation.

Book A Private Non-Emergency Ambulance

Book a private ambulance for non-emergency situations with us today. Affordability and great service is what we here at First Ambulance pride ourselves on. Non-emergency ambulance service includes transportation to and fro from medical appointments or transport to the hospital for non-life-threatening situations.