Medical Transport Service

First Ambulance is dedicated to providing quality care for every client, no matter where or when. We provide medical transport for those who require help in moving around such as the physically challenged or those who require assistance in moving around. Our staff are always friendly and ready to assist you in your journey.

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Your journey starts with a booking through our hotline or online booking.

  • Hospital transfer or step down treatment
  • Non-Emergency to A&E (to choice of hospital)
  • Medical appointments (long & short terms)
  • Dialysis treatments
  • IMG ambulance services
  • Wheelchair Transport
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Doctor appointments at hospitals & clinics
  • Events
  • And others
  • Conditions that do not require immediate treatment and for which there is no imminent threat to the patient’s life or limb
  • Pre-existing illnesses or injuries that are stable
  • Pre-existing conditions that give rise to problems of ambulation and mobility
  • Transport for elective outpatient clinic attendances or other hospital ambulatory services
  • Transport for other clinical services such as rehabilitation therapy, nursing care and/or day care in community-based setting
  • Inter-hospital transfers of patients who are clinically stable

Patients discharged from hospital to home or a step-down facility such as a community hospital or nursing facility