Cross Border Transport Service

For anyone who requires an ambulance from Singapore to Malaysia, we specialize in long-distance medical transportation for patients who are advised or referred to other hospitals or medical institutions for treatment in Malaysia. We ensure a secure and smooth conveyance for the patient from Singapore to anywhere in Malaysia, utilizing both road and air transportation options. Our fleet includes fully equipped EAS ambulances that are always prepared for immediate deployment.

Why Choose Us for Long-Distance Ambulance Services?

You can rely on our professional services for long-distance ambulances from Singapore to Malaysia. We offer dependable solutions for patients, and here are some reasons why you should consider choosing us:

At First Ambulance, we prioritize the safety and comfort of patients during long-distance transportation of the ambulance from Singapore to Malaysia. We understand the different needs and requirements of patients in transit, which is why we have meticulously equipped our ambulances, medical vans, and fleet services to cater to those needs. Our commitment to safety means that we strictly adhere to all established safety protocols and regulations to ensure a secure journey for patients throughout their medical transportation.

Our ambulance drivers are trained and experienced in providing safe and efficient long-distance transportation services. They possess the necessary licenses and skills to operate EAS ambulances, ensuring a safe journey for patients travelling from Singapore to Malaysia. You can have full confidence in our drivers to deliver timely and reliable medical transportation between the two countries.

We are committed to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in the ambulances we provide for patients travelling from Singapore to Malaysia for medical assistance. Each of our EAS ambulances is equipped with essential medical amenities, including oxygen cylinders, first aid boxes, stretchers, wheelchairs, vital medications, face masks, COVID-19 test kits, hand sanitisers, and other necessary equipment and supplies.

Our long-distance EAS ambulance services include the presence of trained medical staff who will accompany patients throughout the journey, registered Nurses and Doctors can be provided upon early booking request. Our dedicated medical staff will closely monitor the patient’s health status, providing necessary medical treatments such as administering oxygen, and medication, and conducting regular blood pressure checks. They are also responsible for preparing comprehensive pre and post-travel medical reports to ensure the patient’s well-being during the trip.

Do not hesitate to book an ambulance from Singapore to Malaysia with us as we provide prompt and reliable medical transportation for your patients.