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What are the Crucial Roles of Dispatchers in Ambulances?

Medical emergencies may arise at any point of time in life with anyone. In case, of any accident or injury, you can take the aid of emergency medical services (EMS) followed by the medical dispatcher to call a private ambulance for help. Here, dispatchers can play a crucial role in communicating with the patient for any medical emergency and collecting necessary information about the patient and their location.

What is a Dispatcher in Medical Emergency Service (EMS)?

A medical dispatcher is a telecommunicator, which is a helping source for patients, who needs emergency medical service anytime and anywhere. The EMS dispatcher plays a significant role in setup communication with the patient at the spot and helps the patient to give details of its location, injury or physical damage, and type of medical aid required by him or her on an urgent basis.

However, the dispatcher makes it easier for patients to call an ambulance on the spot to assist the patient as soon as possible.

If you require a medical service or ambulance, you should connect with a medical dispatcher, which is a communicator that receives the patient’s call and give answers to his or her queries as per need.

The dispatcher will set up and connection between the patient and paramedics or ambulance for service as per the patient’s condition or emergency medical support. The dispatcher will also give necessary medical tips to patients to hang on till the paramedic aid or ambulance reaches the spot.

Here are some crucial roles of dispatchers for medical emergencies:

1. Connect with Patient

To help any patient with emergency medical service, you first need to set up a good connection with the patient on the spot. Hence, the medical dispatcher works in a furnished call centre, which is equipped with the latest technology communication devices like digital encoders and decoders, transmitters or portable radios, cell phones, etc.

Moreover, the dispatcher should be aware of all geographical areas in the city or town where the patient is located presently. Thus, a medical dispatcher will have to have such knowledge to use communication devices for EMS services for patients in emergency cases.

2. Gather Necessary Details about Patient

Once the call connects with the patient or its location is detected on Google Maps or online, a dispatcher needs to start communicating with the patient and gather details of their physical or mental condition and other relevant details about the patient. Moreover, it is necessary to ask the patient for any emergency medical aid required on the spot.

Also, the dispatcher should confirm from the patient the type of service needed by the patient such as paramedics or Non-emergency Ambulance in Singapore or anything else. The dispatcher will have to collect all such details from the patient and will provide help accordingly.

3. Knowledge of EMS

A medical dispatcher must be well qualified and knowledgeable about all standard duties of a medical dispatcher. Also, the dispatcher should have good communication skills and knowledge of medical terms, dispatch protocols, and the use of telecom devices for good connection and communication with patients online or wirelessly.

The dispatcher needs to be smart and a decision-maker to help the patient after gathering the necessary details of EMS needs and respond quickly to him as per needs. Make sure, the dispatcher knows how to handle the emergency with the patient and console him to deal with it calmly till the help reaches the spot.

4. Have a Good Network

An experienced medical dispatcher should have a good network connection with distant paramedics or hospitals at different locations in the town or city to provide emergency medical services to needy patients. The dispatcher should recognize the need for EMS to patient call an ambulance or medical aid on an urgent basis using strong network connections with nearby paramedics or hospitals on the spot.

Thus, above are some key duties or crucial roles of an experienced medical dispatcher for the ambulance needs of patients. If you require any EMS service for an ambulance in Singapore, you may call on 911 or 995 number to connect with the nearby medical dispatcher. Also, you can call on 999 for any non-emergency services to get aid for crime-related emergencies, life or death situations.